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Image by Christie’s_Education
ID No.: 62
Location: Museum Collection 8/62
Title: German lithophane of a cathedral
Place of Origin: Germany
Description: German lithophane decorated with a view of a cathedral square with animals and horse riders in lower right foreground.

Dimensions: 10 x 13.5 cm.
Materials: Ceramic
Status: InMagic catalogue item: 62
Object History Notes: On loan to Christie’s Education from Dr. Andrew Morrall.


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Circuit Bending Taco Truck Team – Intro to Soldering, UC Irvine
Maker Projects
Image by G A R N E T
The team of students working with me to adapt my current circuit bending workshops to be better suited to kids, Spanish-speakers, and female participants. This photograph was from a short tutorial to teach the team how to solder. More info on the project can be found at: conceptlab.com/circuitbending/

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