A few nice Maker Projects images I found:

Maker Projects
Image by cclark395
The Electric Giraffe Project
created by Lindsay Lawlor and programmed by Russell Pinnington.

Bay Area Maker Faire 2011

Maker Ed at Tam High
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Builder Geo Monley teaches a variety of woodworking and maker classes for adults and teens in his state-of-the-art woodshop at Tam High School in Mill Valley.

Geo is coaching me on the art cart I am building for my own maker classes, to showcase our students’ work on the City of the Future project. This week, he showed us how to make a small ‘mortise and tenon’ joint, using a special Domino tenon joiner tool. I also completed the last four stretchers for the cart, which I hope to complete in next week’s ‘You Can Build It’ workshop.

Geo’s high school class is making good progress on ‘Makers Field’, the animatronic city they created under his guidance. They’re getting ready to show it off at Marinovators, a local maker faire at the College of Marin to be held next week.

I have joined forces with Geo to developing a new program called Tam Makers, to offer a public makerspace and maker courses for adults and teens at Tam High — and grow a community of makers, students and teachers in South Marin.

Learn more about Tam Makers:

View more photos about Tam Makers: www.flickr.com/photos/fabola/albums/72157660433218276

Learn more about Geo’s other courses at Tam High: www.marinlearn.com/index.cfm?method=ClassListing.ClassLis…

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