Atlas Negative Collection Image

A few nice Maker Projects images I found:

Atlas Negative Collection Image
Maker Projects
Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
PictionID:45272889 – Catalog:14_017984 – Title:GD/Astonautics Program Models Details: Candid of Model Makers Date: 05/01/1958 – Filename:14_017984.TIF – – – – – Image from the Convair/General Dynamics Astronautics Atlas Negative Collection. The processing, cataloging and digitization of these images has been made possible by a generous National Historical Publications and Records grant from the National Archives and Records Administration—Please Tag these images so that the information can be permanently stored with the digital file.—Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum

My first #3dprinted project: a name tag for Maker Faire!!
Maker Projects
Image by killerfemme

Pataphysical Art
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Each Saturday, the good doctors make art together at Pataphysical Studios.

Here are this week’s notable art projects:
• Drs. Really and Rindbrain created a banner for an art protest, ‘Traffic Jam Valley’
• Dr. Rindbrain developed ‘Magical Thought’, an illuminated wonderbox
• Dr. Fiske dropped by to record an impromptu video of Pataphysical Studios
• Dr. Figurine showed off the head and body of her Owl for our Dada Exhibit
• Dr. Fabio presented composite sketches for the Time Machine, based on team designs
• Dr. Truly demonstrated how to share videos on social media while lying flat on your back
• Dr. Canard discussed her Dada Mobile with Dr. Zboon, who then created a greeting card
• Dr. Fabio showed off a new circle design for the Crazy Clock, discarding its old frame

We then went on a nice walk to Oakwood Valley. On the way, Dr. Rindbrain re-discovered himself and nearby dimensions on a neighborhood pole. We then played in a secret grove of bay trees, deep in the heart of the valley.

Vive la ‘patpahysique!

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