Avatar 3D movie – the ?game changer?

Avatar, the 3D film is directed by Hollywood director, James Cameron. This new movie is nearly 60% computer generated and its total cost is about $ 300m (£187m).


Much of the total cost is used for cutting -edge visual effects and invention of new technologies. According to Mr Cameron, they use excellent new stereoscopic 3D camera which is helpful for the live action portion of the shoot. Performance capture, which is separated from the virtual camera by the shoot, can capture real movements of actors. Such movements are then translated into Na’vi, animated CG aliens.


The following are some images of “Avatar” movie.




Framestore, a visual effects company in London was in charge of carrying out several movie’s CG work. According to Mr Fawkner, they had an ocular stereo image to copy with. The Foundry, the visual effect company developed ocular software which was employed to complete the 3D work. Dr Bill Collis, chief executive of The Foundry said that with two cameras, the live action succession of Avatar had been shot. The function of occula is to help operate images when two cameras are not relatively aligned.




Director Cameron decided to be at the forefront in catching up with the latest technology. The director took a technological and financial risk. Now the success of Avatar depends on the appreciation of audiences all over the world.







‘Na’vi are like lynxes genetically altered to play basketball’



Avatar – creature




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