Building poetic robots

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Building poetic robots
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Once a week, I mentor Natalina (a.k.a. Dr. Canard), to help her develop her multimedia and maker skills. This week, we finished building our first two robots together: we connected the wheels and motors to the batteries and the Arduino controller, and added a sonar to detect obstacles.

I’m really happy with our progress, and so is she: we did this in just two hour-long sessions. I’m so glad I could give her the confidence that she can indeed build robots. (Her previous experience at her school’s robotics class was disappointing, which is why we picked this task.)

Next week, we will turn them into ‘poetic robots’, by mounting two of her decorated ducks over this technical infrastructure, as I did with Indigo the Wonder Duck — see video:

Then we hope to add a storyline, a backdrop, more lights and sounds, with impromptu dialog and music. I can’t wait to see them interact with each other. Stay tuned …

To track the progress of our Wonderbot project, check out this photo album:

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