Building the Time Machine

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Building the Time Machine
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Pataphysical Studios, our art collective, is starting to build a Time Machine for our next exhibit. This week, our maker friend Geo Monley joined us to consult on our construction plans. While he was at it, he also led our motley crew to raise the structure up from the floor and build a doorway into our inner sanctum. It was a productive team effort and we got a lot done, thanks to Dr. Geo’s wonderful guidance.

This week, we also worked on other art projects:
• Dr. Canard started a new assemblage project with assorted art objects and voodoo dolls
• Drs. Fabio and Canard finalized the design of their Crazy Clock and brainstormed time quotes
• Dr. Figurine finished soldering her theramine and showed off her David Bowie life cast
• Dr. Rindbrain provided sundry tools and supplies to support all this fine work
• Dr. Really worked on our proposal for the Dada exhibit
• Dr. Heatshrink did extensive documentation on this photo set

Next, Drs. Fabio and Rindbrain will prepare more detailed sketches of the Time Machine, to reflect the new reality in the studio. These visualizations will inform our next group discussion, so that team members can get a better understanding of where their work might fit in the exhibit.

Fire in the hole!

View more Time Machine photos:

Check out our first brainstorm notes for the Time Machine:…

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Learn about Pataphysical Studios:

The ‘Pataphysical Slot Machine Exhibit
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
The ‘Pataphysical Slot Machine is on exhibit at the Mill Valley Library this month.

Visitors to this unique art project seem to really enjoy the experience: their faces tell the whole story in this photo album:

Come see the slot machine this month! The exhibit is open from 1 to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday in October, in the downstairs conference room of the Mill Valley Library.

Learn more:

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