CES 2010, the party of 3D technology

Since January 7th, CES opened for customers and visitors after the first day for press only. As reported, there were about over 70 new CES 2010 product announcements in the opening day. In general, CES 2010 is a showcase for new products that will hit the market in 2010. Visitors were surprised by one CES being in vivid color and images of 3D technology from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, etc. The exhibit will last till Jan 10th. It is said that 3D has taken centre in this year Customer Electronic Show.


Below are images of colorful CES in the opening day.


Entrance to the exhibit


Samsung built a church vault by their advertising pictures for its 3D TV


Impressive huge wall by 3D TV pictures.


LG also showed off their 3D TV in this exhibition, 


Panasonic’s zone


3D TV will take centre in this 2010.


Visitors worn 3D glasses to watch 3D movie trailer showing on Panasonic 3D TV.


LG LCD TV sports 47 inch display, LED backlight technology, 6,9 mm thin attracts a number of visitor.


Microsoft also showed its wall of colorful picture.


Intel introduces its huge touchscreen display


..with 3D globes enables people touch and control them.


It is estimated that there would be 110.000 visitors participating in 4 day of the exhibition, that makes CES become the largest electronic even in the world.


LG and Intel unveiled their new MID smartphone run on Intel processor, name-code LG GW990 with 4.8 inch display.


Palm also debuted new Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.


Sony showed off its news 4 new laptop lines.


Dell with Mini 3 run on Android OS, will be first introduced in American market.


CES 2010 is a large showcase for new technology and various electronic items from TV, laptop, mobile to game consoles.

Ashiqul has just attended CES 2010. He is fond of technology and especially smartphone.

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