City of the Future: Show and Tell at Tam High

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City of the Future: Show and Tell at Tam High
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
This spring, middle-school students in our maker class at Tam High built a City of the Future together, using arts and electronics to make a model of what our world may be like in 100 years.

For our last class on May 25th, we invited their parents and family to join us for a class ‘show and tell.’ students finished their futuristic buildings and public spaces for their city: underwater mines, rich and poor areas, surface rubbles and tall skyscrapers.

Their city of the future is called 15A. They dreamed up a post-apocalyptic world, with a deep divide between the rich the poor, who mine the sea floor and are oppressed by a government run by machines.

It was a real pleasure to teach this after-school course with my partners Geo Monley and Cynthia Gilbert. Our students accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and learned many new skills, which we hope will serve them well in the future, from collaboration to creative expression and problem-solving. And they learned to create interactive art with simple electronics, in a playful and collaborative way that makes learning more fun.

To plan our next steps, we asked students to take a quick survey about this maker art course: overall, they found the class ‘very good’; a majority would like to take it again; and most would recommend it to a friend. They also gave us some great suggestions for planning future courses.

We are very happy to see our students so engaged in this hands-on, project-based, student-driven activity. This bodes well for this educational program, and we look forward to offering more maker art courses for middle-schoolers this fall.

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Wally Lindblom 3
Maker Projects
Image by Michael Dale Bernard
"Mayan Magical Tigers" by Wally Lindblom. Copper, silver, brass.

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