Cool 3D Printer images

Some cool 3D Printer images:

Students create a working telegraph system based on historic objects in the collection of the National Museum of American History
3D Printer
Image by national museum of american history
Using 3D printers, Virginia eighth graders Jenn and Nate designed and manufactured a working reinterpretation of the Morse-Vail telegraph system, using objects from the Smithsonian and Vail’s journals. While exploring historical documents, it fascinated them to see that Vail and Morse experienced problems similar to those they were encountering. Their science and engineering teachers worked together to enable Jenn and Nate to solve these challenges. “Reading and taking notes from a textbook, it doesn’t help. It’s easier to understand something that’s right in front of you,” said Jenn.
Jenn and Nate have now engaged their friends in this process of invention. They’re currently working on a steam powered generator after school.
The Smithsonian is collaborating with the University of Virginia, Princeton University, and the Laboratory School for Advanced Manufacturing to research and develop a science and engineering curriculum that deeply integrates advanced manufacturing technology and 3D scanned artifacts from the collection.

Clamping a Tantillus 3d printer frame
3D Printer
Image by John Biehler

3D Printshow 2014 London – BuildTak v01
3D Printer
Image by Creative Tools
Photos from a day at the London 3D Printshow 2014.

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