Cool 3D Printer images

A few nice 3D Printer images I found:

Post-it holder for platform levelling calibration
3D Printer
Image by Creative Tools
This handle makes it easy to reach deeply into the 3D printer while calibrating and levelling the build platform. It is designed to hold a standard Post-it sticky paper on it’s tip.

In most cases the optimal gap between a 3D printer’s platform and the extruder’s hot-end tip, is 0,1 mm. A common practice is to use a simple sheet of paper and place it on top of the build platform just under the extruder’s tip.

The platform is then adjusted to only just let the paper slide freely. The adjustment must be made on all corners and the centre of the build plate until it is perfectly level.

• Download the STL file
• 3D-print it
• Grab a Post-it sticky of your preferred colour
• Stick it on the flat front end of the 3D-printed handle
• Set-up you 3D-printer for levelling the platform
• Place the paper between the the platform and the extruder tip
• Adjust the build plate’s screws and move the handle slightly to make the paper slide under the extruder tip
• When you feel a slight friction stop adjusting the screw
• Repeat this process on all corners and centre of the platform until you can feel the same friction on all spots

Make sure that you only use one sheet of Post-it paper and if unsure control-measure it with a calliper to verify 0.1 mm thickness.

After calibrating your Replicator’s platform it should remain level for a long time. Until you need to calibrate it next time you can use this Post-it handle for other purposes as follows:

• A very gentle fly-swat (PETA-certified 😉
• A small sign holder you can use to communicate short messages to your office mates

You can download the 3D file for this handle from:

It was printed on a

erste Versuche mit der neuen Lightbox
3D Printer
Image by mle86

LBR 1 Prototype
3D Printer
Image by 7uk4s_OMG

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