Cool Maker Projects images

Some cool Maker Projects images:

Following pre-Dorkbot instructions
Maker Projects
Image by G A R N E T
Dorkbot SoCal 40, Machine Project, May 22nd 2010, Los Angeles


Diana Ishimizu 1
Maker Projects
Image by Michael Dale Bernard

Workshop Scenario-guided policy development in Tanzania
Maker Projects
Image by CGIAR Climate
Tanzanian policy makers came together from 16 to 17 February in Morogoro, Tanzania for a workshop that focused on scenario-guided policy development in the context of climate change to work on Tanzania’s New Environmental Policy. This workshop is part of CCAFS’ PACCA project (Policy Action for Climate Change Adaptation) and was organised in collaboration with the University of Oxford. Photos: E. van de Grift.

Learn more about our work on scenarios.

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