Cool Maker Projects images

Some cool Maker Projects images:

Hidden Gems in Treasure Island
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
A fearless crew of ‘pataphysical doctors went on an art expedition to Treasure Island, looking for hidden gems and inspiration. This call to adventure came from Drs. Canard and Figurine, and we were joined by Drs. Heatshrink, Really and Truly.

We started by scouring this quaint flea market, where we found many worthy artifacts for our Time Machine and other art projects. We then headed over to Building 180, where some of Burning Man’s most treasured artworks were created. There, we met with artist Peter Hudson, who showed us Eternal Return, his latest stroboscopic zoetrope, which is an amazing work of art and science.

We also got a chance to view some other legendary artworks in this building, before it closes down at the end of the month, including Marco Cochrane’s original models for Bliss Dance and his large-scale steel sculptures of nude women.

It was an inspiring visit, and I enjoyed visiting this mecca of Burning Man art — and meeting Peter, whom I had heard so much about. And it was great fun to go on this little expedition with my maker friends, to collect art debris and inspiration for our next creations!

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Pataphysical Art
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
On a quiet spring afternoon, a few doctors gathered at Pataphysical Studios to work and play together on sundry art projects.

Here are some of the imaginary solutions we concoted together:
• Dr. Zboon discussed the Time Machine and automatons
• Dr. Canard arranged her watches for the Crazy Clock
• Dr. Really discussed the Dada exhibit and the Owl
• Dr. Figurine made Magic Mushrooms with Dr. Fabio
• Dr. Canard completed her first book of daily poems

Making art with friends seemed to make time slow down for a while.

Vive la ‘patpahysique!

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Building the Time Machine
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Pataphysical Studios, our art collective, is starting to build a Time Machine for our next exhibit. This week, our maker friend Geo Monley joined us to consult on our construction plans. While he was at it, he also led our motley crew to raise the structure up from the floor and build a doorway into our inner sanctum. It was a productive team effort and we got a lot done, thanks to Dr. Geo’s wonderful guidance.

This week, we also worked on other art projects:
• Dr. Canard started a new assemblage project with assorted art objects and voodoo dolls
• Drs. Fabio and Canard finalized the design of their Crazy Clock and brainstormed time quotes
• Dr. Figurine finished soldering her theramine and showed off her David Bowie life cast
• Dr. Rindbrain provided sundry tools and supplies to support all this fine work
• Dr. Really worked on our proposal for the Dada exhibit
• Dr. Heatshrink did extensive documentation on this photo set

Next, Drs. Fabio and Rindbrain will prepare more detailed sketches of the Time Machine, to reflect the new reality in the studio. These visualizations will inform our next group discussion, so that team members can get a better understanding of where their work might fit in the exhibit.

Fire in the hole!

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