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[IDAHO-A-0262] Arrowrock Dam
Maker Projects
Image by waterarchives
Image Title: Arrowrock Dam

Date: c.1940

Place: Boise River, 13 miles east of Boise, Idaho


Medium: vernacular black and white photograph

Photographer/Maker: Unknown

Cite as: ID-A-0262,

Restrictions: There are no known U.S. copyright restrictions on this image. While the digital image is freely available, it is requested that be credited as its source. For higher quality reproductions of the original physical version contact, restrictions may apply.

Watching Kluge on TV A screening and panel discussion [07.05.1998]
Maker Projects
Image by Renée Turner
As a part of The Mediated Image*, Klaas Hoek presented two television works by Alexander Kluge. Kluge, a pinnacle figure in German film made the decision in the early 1980’s to produce two weekly programs for mainstream commercial television. He justified this transition to a mass medium by saying he wanted to create “counter spectacles”, “counter productions” and a “counter public sphere”. Hoek selected two programs from the late eighties to discuss the efficacy of Kluge’s work in relation to these goals. Following the screening of each program there was a discussion among the group of panellists and the audience. Questions were raised about Kluge’s use of the medium itself meaning, whether or not his style of montage was still contemporary and resonant in the age of MTV. Many wondered if it was possible to create a “counter” anything in a time when efforts of resistance are so easily assimilated and commodified. While others questioned if this sort of project or aim was a valid pursuit; or is it simply entrenched in antiquated notions of polar dichotomies and revolutionary agendas. On the other hand there were those who admired the work seeing value in the effort and individual voice of Kluge as an author who works in numerous guises: as a television program maker, a theorist and a lawyer. Despite the conflictual response everyone seemed to agree that claiming of commercial television space for non-commercial purposes was no doubt a worthy ambition. The question remained open as to whether the strategies Kluge employs are a viable means of creating the “counter public sphere” he so greatly wants to establish.

David Garcia (artist and media critic)
Klaas Hoek (visual artist)
Jan Ritsema (theatre maker)
Jan van Toorn (designer)
Roemer van Toorn (architect /critic)
De Geuzen: Riek Sijbring, Femke Snelting and Renee Turner

*The Mediated Image was a series of lectures and presentations programmed by De Geuzen looking at how images are constructed, interpreted, manipulated and received. Besides examining how images are made and displayed, the series explored key figures who have shaped contemporary media discourse, such as Guy Debord, Jean Baudrillard, Marshall McLuhan and Michel de Certeau.

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