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Some cool Maker Projects images:

Ubu’s Dream #8 – Shadow Puppet Test Photos
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Image by fabola
Mark ‘Spoonman’ Petrakis and I are experimenting with new interactive storytelling ideas, from shadow puppets to poetic robots.

Our first experiment is ‘Ubu’s Dreams’, a shadow puppet show featuring Père Ubu, the hero of Alfred Jarry’s surreal plays at the turn of the last century. In this show, Ubu is constantly dreaming, interacting with archetypal characters from our collective unconscious. Each of his dreams is a separate sketch in our play and lasts about a minute.

For our second rehearsal, we ran through a new scene: dream #8. In this dream, Ubu climbs up a set of stairs and walks through a door to a bedroom where strange animals are sleeping. He realizes he’s in a church when a cross hits him and he is woken up by the sound of a goat — as shown by the keyframes in this photo-set. See links below to learn more about Ubu’s Dreams.

In this quick test, Mark read the script as the voice of Ubu, and we both moved puppets and props from each side of the stage. These tests are helping us explore different ways to illustrate these stories with only lights and shadows.

We plan to develop this concept through the summer and perform this show during our Dada exhibit this fall at the Canessa Gallery in North Beach. And I’m also developing a ‘Magic Theater’ course combining maker art and storytelling for our lower and middle school students.

View more pictures of this Magic Theater project on Flickr:

Learn more about Ubu’s Dreams:

Learn more about the Magic Theater project (first called Théâtre Mécanique):

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