Cool Maker Projects images

Some cool Maker Projects images:

Time Machine Design
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
This year, we are creating a Time Machine at Pataphysical Studios, with a world-class team of of artists, makers, engineers and multimedia innovators.

This interactive art exhibit invites you to travel through time and meet characters from the past, present and future. We hope to intrigue, enchant and engage visitors in a playful experience that combines interactive art, multimedia theater and technology.

These first designs illustrate the experience we are creating. We will invite our guests to go through a short interactive ritual during their visit: walk around the exhibit, step into a magic portal, pick a time to visit, travel to that time, meet its characters and return back to the present.

This is the most complex art project we have ever created together. We are now working in teams to design and build different parts of the Time Machine, making interactive art with lights, sound and motion powered by Arduino and Raspberry Pi — as well as producing short videos of the different times you will travel to.

We’re all excited about our next collective art project and can’t wait to see what it will look like in a year!

View more photos of our work in progress on the Time Machine:

Watch our 3D fly through video of the Time Machine:

Read our design spec for the Time Machine:

View our design slides for the Time Machine:

Learn more about Pataphysical Studios:

City of the Future: Second Class at Tam High
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Our after-school students at Tam High are building a City of the Future together, using arts and electronics to make a model of what our world may be like in 100 years.

In our second class, they designed the city they envision for this project and took turns discussing their ideas with each other. In their post-apocalyptic scenario, the rich are separated from the poor, who mine the sea floor and are oppressed by a government run by machines.

They also picked characters and objects for their city — some of which will be laser cut and printed in 3D. Next, they learned to solder stick figures out of copper wire, then made light circuits with LEDs and batteries. Finally, they added these lights to their futuristic homes, which they continued to decorate with gift wrapping paper, art supplies and everyday objects.

We have a great group of eight middle school students, ages 12 to 14, in this after-school class. Through this course, students will develop a range of skills, from creative expression to science and engineering (STEAM). And they will learn to create their own interactive art with simple electronics, in a playful way that makes learning more fun.

View more photos of our Maker Art course at Tam High:

Preview their City of the Future in our class slides:

Learn more about our City of the Future course:

Here is the course schedule for the Tam High students:

Learn more about our Maker Art courses:

Learning to Solder
Maker Projects
Image by bjepson
At AS220 Labs, at the RI Mini Maker Faire 2011:

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