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more littlest cablecar.
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Anton Zemljakow
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Hello my colleagues and friends!! My name is Anton Zemlyakov, I’m twenty years old and I’m a second year student of faculty of Screen arts. I was born in the middle of Russia, in Samara and I think that half of me is Asian and a half is European. In my early years I traveled a lot of countries and I realized that there are a big difference between nationalities. Thats why I think that it is very important for us to show how we all are familiar. That all the people are relatives. That is the main message that I want to realize in this project. In the nearest future I’m going to be a professional film and television director. I like movies of directors such are Spielberg, Scorsese, Coppola, Besson, Antonioni, Jene, I’m an adminer of a genre movies. For me the main thing is the story. If we will don’t have it in a film we will lose all the film as I think. That’s why I prefer to make interesting, grasping films with sharp story. I consider, that the main thing is a message that we want to send to people, spectators of film.
Now, let me invite you to Saint-Petersburg! It’s a city of contrasts. I think its important for moviemakers because only here you can find people with so different views of life. A soviet people and youth generation – people who loves Lenin and Revolution and people who loves night life and raves. Also Saint-Petersburg is great for its architecture – here you can find a new high fashioned districts, renewed old center and ruined old houses and factories, that can be a great decorations for our joint films. Here we can meet Asian colors with European pragmatism .In Saint-Petersburg you can meet many painters, musicians, film-makers, architects and other art working people and there are a lot of working-class people and it’s a big contrast too! I think its also an interesting sphere to research. In our university you can find a friendly atmosphere and good professional technical base for film-making. Our growing experts-students have fresh ideas, new vision and interesting experience to share with foreign colleagues. We will be glad to work with international command to make interesting movies in this project. So, I hope to see you soon!
Yours faithfully, Anton A. Zemlyakov

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