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The Dreamer – Interactive Art Prototypes
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Meet the Dreamer, my new interactive art project, which I have just started to prototype. This illuminated sculpture aims to make us more aware of the characters who live inside our heads, and how our emotions influence the way we perceive the world around us.

The Dreamer’s head lights up with rear-projected videos of some of the characters who influence us, along with memories and feelings that fill in our minds, day and night. To show what the Dreamer is thinking, our first prototypes display images of people and nature, sparking different moods, each represented by a different colored light, such as: red for anger, orange for fear, yellow for happiness, green for surprise, blue for sadness, purple for love, for example.

You will be able to change the Dreamer’s worldview by pressing buttons that make him/her more happy or sad, angry or kind, fearful or curious (like social media emoticons). In response, the Dreamer’s head will light up with different colors and facial expressions, as these emotions are activated in his/her mind.

This kinetic sculpture can give us a glimpse at what goes on inside our heads, as images of our lives pass by, fleeting like clouds in the sky, colored by our moods. The Dreamer’s quiet face keeps transforming, responding to new images and emotions with images and sounds of its own.

As times goes by, we see the interplay of the forces that drive us: anger can turn into love, sadness into joy, fear into curiosity. And changing our emotions can transform how we view the world. We hope this experience can help us replace our destructive emotions with a more positive outlook.

The Dreamer is being developed at Tam Makers, our makerspace in Mill Valley, where we are building our first prototypes. This interactive art project will be presented in different ways:
• as part of the Time Machine we’re building at Pataphysical Studios
• as a stand-alone exhibit in art shows and galleries
• in large street performances during public events
• in short videos on the web

We’re still experimenting with different ways to create The Dreamer. The current plan is to vacuum form a mannequin head (for the prototype), then a clay sculpture of the preferred shape (for the final product), using translucent white plastic, flattened a bit at the mouth, eyes and forehead, so that we can rear-project a variety of faces onto the heads from inside.

See more photos of our first prototypes in this Dreamer album:

Learn more on our project page:

Sarah Corbett ‘Gentle Protest’ exhibition Stockholm 13th Aug-19th Sept 2015 Stockholm
Maker Projects
Image by craftivist collective
“If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind & just, then our activism should be beautiful, kind & just”

Gentle Protest is the first solo exhibition by craftivist and artist Sarah Corbett. With the aim to show that protest does not always have to be aggressive, Corbett uses craft (embroidery) as a powerful tool to tackle her concerns and create slow, quiet, thoughtful and compassionate activism as a catalyst for long term positive change in our world. This exhibition explores how craft can be a powerful, change-making instrument to add to the toolbox of activism.

Corbett founded the Craftivist Collective in London in 2009. It was born out of a growing desire to create craftivism projects that used craft as the tool and activism as the priority. Now a global community and social enterprise, the Craftivist Collective provides products & services for individuals & organisations to help them pursue effective craftivism. Corbett’s work is highly regarded by professional campaigners, academics & art institutions around the world.

Born in Liverpool in 1983 Corbett has been an activist since the age of 3. Elected Head Girl at school she won lockers for pupils and she continued her campaigning at university on global issues. After graduation she had a career in campaigning for large global charities including Oxfam. In 2008 Corbett began to doubt the effectiveness of traditional and potentially hostile methods of activism. She saw how using craft as a tool could address many of her concerns and reach newer and wider audiences. Influencing activism inside and outside the charity sector she has worked as a craftivism consultant for large charities such as Unicef and Save the Children. A global speaker she has taught her craftivism approach and methodology at universities across the world and has worked in collaboration with V&A, Tate, Secret Cinema and Tatty Devine amongst others.

During the exhibition, Sarah Corbett will facilitate a Wellmaking Clinic where the visitors can book a 30 mins appointment receive a unique letterpress printed prescription slip at the end of your session with recommendations to help you on your journey as a good global citizen.
For more information or to book your free appointment email [email protected]

Workshops during the exhibition:
Stitchable Change-makers
6pm-8pm Wednesday 19th August. Book tickets here.

Complete a letterpress printed stitchable dot-to-dot card and, as you reveal the face of your chosen change-maker, reflect on the values threaded through them and their lives, and challenge yourself to think about how you can connect the values threaded through you to your daily actions and decisions.

Craftivist Footprint
6pm-8pm Wednesday 26th August. Book tickets here.

Stitch a canvas footprint to help you find the wisdom that inspires you to walk through life as a good global citizen. Keep your footprint as a physical reminder to keep changing our world one stitch at a time…

‘Don’t Blow It’ hanky
6pm-8pm Wednesday 2nd Sept. Book tickets here.

Stitch a message on a handkerchief as a gift. Place your message under the nose of someone who could seriously influence positive change & help them to do so with your hanky as a gentle nudge.

Mini Protest Banner
6pm-8pm Wednesday 9th Sept. Book tickets here.

Fly solidarity’s flag for those suffering as a result of the world’s injustices. Craft your own banner, turn heads & influence change.

The exhibition is open Wednsday 6pm-8pm, Thurs-Fri 11am-4pm, Sat 11am-5pm.


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