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Artisan’s Asylum Open House 2012 | Duct tape sculpture of a battleship
Maker Projects
Image by Chris Devers
I didn’t catch the name of the guy that made these, but they were fantastic.

My sons particularly liked the AT-AT walker from “Empire Strikes Back”, so the artist took off the roof to show us how the whole thing was constructed out of Duct Tape: he rolled up shafts of tape sticky-side-out, and assembled them as a frame, then added the skin from there.

If I remember right, he said the AT-AT project took 80 hours & three rolls of tape. And the models of the battleship & the Serenty from Joss Whedon’s show “Firefly” were even bigger. Bravo 🙂

Quoting from the Artisan’s Asylum First Winter Open Studios! Facebook event page:

Yes, Artisan’s Asylum is holding its first Winter Open Studios on Saturday December 1st, from noon to 5PM. It’s FREE, open to the public, and families are welcome; so come join the fun, and tell your friends that this is a chance to see what everyone’s talking about.

More than twenty makers, crafters, jewelers, engineers and artists will participate. Tour group workshops and individual studios, observe demonstrations, purchase unique artworks and talk to who made them. Enjoy dragons, robots, collages, and interactive computer-generated music installations. Watch welders and glassworkers first-hand, and see jewelry being made on a 3D printer.

Artisan’s Asylum is now one of the largest collaborative maker/art/hacker spaces in the USA, with robust shop facilities for making almost anything you can dream up. Classes range over media including woodworking, metalworking, electronics, robotics, silk-screening and more. You can even sign up for one when you visit this event.

For more information, visit Artisan’s Asylum’s website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. And there is also, of course, a Flickr account and Flickr group.

I also have other photos of Artisan’s Asylum, many related to SYBS: Somerville Youth Build and Sail, a project where we are building Optimist sailboats with our kids, and they will in turn learn to sail in them on the Mystic River.

Logo shield components ready
Maker Projects
Image by Michael Dale Bernard
Ducati carbon fiber Corse shields, 2010, MDB

Aluminum backing plate, Stainless steel bezel rings, Laser cut acrylic, hand cut carbon fiber, doming resin.

A batch of 4 custom Ducati Corse logo shields. Acrylic + Carbon + Doming resin test project!

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