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Just a few days ago, Xavier exclaimed, "Hey, let’s have a party for my real life birthday!" I said ok… when? He said he wanted to do it on Saturday, but I had a rl committment so we pushed it to Sunday, instead.

Are we clueless? Yes… never have I ever had a party on any of my lands. Did I realize how hard this would be? Noooo…

I think its my last party, too. All I did was work non-stop doing building, decorating, sending out notecards and trying my best not to completely ignore my other projects.

The party was a blast! I barely had time to focus on the party because I was the hostess (remind me to tip hostesses big time) who had to greet, meet and send notices for the dj’s and to The A List! group.

And as sim owner, I was watching the lag-o-meter, the stats on the particles and trying to patrol the sims themselves. Ack!

Nope, I leave party and event makers to do their job. I just like going to the parties… not making them. It’s toooo much work! LOL!

Big up to the following dj’s for their incredible work and the donation of their time at such a last minute shout:

djxHalloween Boa from Divaz
djxxMP Mapp from Divaz
dj TinaMarie Beck from Swoon
dj Thomtrance O’Toole from Organica
dj Jen Noel from Club Neptune
dj Healer Ladybird from Piranha
dj Shad Raffke from Piranha

Not only did they help, but our networkers with their own groups helped us tremendously:

Mack’s Place
Digital Nation
House of Divaz
The Dealer

We had a blast and I thank all of you for making Xavier’s special event a success! Woot!

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