Country Vasque 2

A few nice Maker Projects images I found:

Country Vasque 2
Maker Projects
Image by Michael Dale Bernard

Cycling Safety Report System
Maker Projects
Image by Studiolab Project
A project by Dara McHugh (Dublin). This project will create an online system to report, and view data on, cycling accidents and near-misses in Dublin. We will create reporting systems using a website interface and a cross-platform mobile application.

The intended users are cyclists in Dublin, planners and policy-makers. The software will be developed in an open-source framework to be replicable in any other location worldwide.

The intention of the project is to improve information on cycling safety for planners and policy-makers, and to give cyclists access to information on cycling danger spots. We will work with planners to develop methodologies for using the information to support studies for road improvements.

The collected accident data will be viewable on the website itself and be available for download in formats compatible with specialist mapping software.

Maker Art at the Lycee
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
In this week’s maker art class at the Lycée Français in Sausalito, students finished their Chinese New Year Wonderbox. Each kid has now created a colorful diorama in a decorated cardboard box with a paper lantern and an animal from the Chinese Zodiac — combining art and technology to bring these scenes to life.

Children are giving names to their animals and creating stories around the characters and scenes they just made. They seem engaged by the freedom to create their own interactive art and are responding well to this hands-on, project-based activity.

Students are able to complete technical tasks faster now, such as adding LEDs, batteries, switches and wiring their boxes. This activity seems effective for teaching important concepts such us how electricity and circuits work, in a playful way that makes science more fun.

Next class, students will do a show & tell presentation for their parents and tell their stories in short videos of their wonderboxes. We will then move on to our next project: to build a city of the future.

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