Creating the Art Float – Tam Makers – April 2018 – Photo – 186

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Creating the Art Float – Tam Makers – April 2018 – Photo – 186
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Image by fabola
We are creating an Art Float for Social Change at Tam Makers, to inspire more people to participate in democracy.

Our parade float features Mother Earth and a circle of hands, pulled by the colorful dragon Quetzy. Young activists will sing and speak about social change — and artists will share their ideas on our spinning carousel. They want you all to vote, speak up and create a better world!

This community art project was created by over a hundred volunteers at Tam Makers, led by Fabrice Florin and Geo Monley, with the generous support of Good Earth, Mill Valley Community Action Network and Tamalpais High School.

The Art Float for Social Change will reach out to youth and people of color through art, music and technology. We will present this art show on Earth Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades in Marin — and throughout California this fall, to encourage people to vote in the next elections.

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Tiny liquid cooled PC Build
Maker Projects
Image by Dario Morelli
I made this project as a birthday present for my girlfriend: she uses Adobe Lightroom a lot, and of course the usual stuff, browsing the internet, watching movies etc. so It didn’t need a powerful video card.
She has a tiny desk in a tiny room so in addition to not having the space to put the case, she has to have the computer really close to her: this is usually difficult to manage because tiny cases usually don’t have the airflow to be silent, and the usual result is too much of a compromise between noise, performances, and space.
So I came up with this: a 240mm radiator inside a Fractal Node202, without a dedicated video card.
I had to saw a piece of metal to pass through the water hoses, then modify the AC plug to fit the radiator, and then flip the top cover and make an opening for the vent in the new position:
as you can see, the vent was originally made to fit a 140mm fan, which remains unused for the moment.
The intel 7350K is running @4500Mhz with very low temperatures under load and an almost silent noise output from all the fans. There is of course space for improvements but overall I am very satisfied, and most importantly my girlfriend loves it. 🙂

Full specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte Z270N-Gaming 5
CPU: i3 7350K
RAM: Goodram 8GB DDR4 2133
SSD: Intel 600p 512GB
Cooling: Bequiet SILENT LOOP 240mm
Thermal paste: Coolermaster MasterGel Maker
Case: Fractal Design Node202

chris’ dream car.
Maker Projects
Image by onetallnurse

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