Earth Day 2018 – Tam High – April 22 – Bill Jansen Photo – 7

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Earth Day 2018 – Tam High – April 22 – Bill Jansen Photo – 7
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
We celebrated Earth Day with a wonderful afternoon of art, music and talks about protecting our environment. Hundreds of activists, artists, environmentalists and youth gathered to pay tribute to Mother Earth at Tamalpais High School’s Student Center in Mill Valley on April 22, 2018. Photo by Bill Jansen.

We started the day with the first public showing of our Art Float for Social Change — a unique parade float created to inspire more people to participate in democracy. A large globe spun over a circle of hands and a carousel of art, pulled by a colorful dragon. Singers and speakers of all ages stood on the decorated stage to share their ideas for a better world. Many more painted original posters about the earth, which were featured on the float carousel.

Dozens of environmental partners showed participants how we can all take action to reverse global warming — organizations like the Sierra Club, Resilient Neighborhoods and 350 Marin, to name but a few. Our guest speakers were Mark Squire from Good Earth, Crystal Chissel from Project Drawdown, Marin Supervisor Damon Connolly and young local activists: they gave informative talks on a wide range of solutions to curb climate change. Participants also learned to plant a veggie garden, ride an electric bike, while others registered to vote.

We ended the day with music performances by the charming Twinkling Stars of Singers Marin, young singer Emma Spike, and sing-alongs led by Reed Fromer with the Freedom Singers and Redwoods Seniors for Peace.

Earth Day 2008 brought together diverse groups of people who might not have connected otherwise: activists, artists, environmentalists, makers, children, teenagers, teachers and parents. We are particularly grateful to all the young people who participated in our celebration.

This community gathering was produced by Democracy Cafe, Eco Warriors of MVCAN and Tam Makers, with the gracious support of Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley Community Action Network, Good Earth, Driver’s Market, Sloat Garden Supply and all our partners.

Thanks to event organizers Fabrice Florin, Jennifer Tomkins, Carol Korenbrot, Geo Monley, Grace Severtson — and all the wonderful volunteers who helped produce this inspiring event. We think making art, playing music and talking with people of all ages and backgrounds can build mutual understanding and engage us to take meaningful political action together.

Join your neighbors to make political art and music, join good causes — and keep democracy alive!

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Service: Converting the gym to a woodshop
Maker Projects
Image by cinonetwork
We worked on removing and recycling the metal drop ceiling in the old gym to begin converting the room to a woodshop. We’re planning to replace the lights and organize storage to create space for a maker space model woodshop for local woodworkers and special workshops.

City of the Future: Fourth Class at Tam High
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Our middle-school students at Tam High are building a City of the Future together, using arts and electronics to make a model of what our world may be like in 100 years.

In our fourth class, students decorated their characters and wonderboxes, adding more color, light and motion to their homes of the future. We formed four teams to create these public spaces for their city: underwater mines, segregated neighborhoods, surface rubbles and tall skyscrapers. Students started designing these spaces together, preparing materials for next week’s construction. We also discussed names for their city of the future, with these finalists: A15, Moscow and Springfield (we will vote next week).

In their post-apocalyptic city of the future, the rich are separated from the poor, who mine the sea floor and are oppressed by a government run by machines. We are inviting them to invent solutions to that city’s problems — and to dream up a better world.

Geo Monley and I are teaching this after-school class together, with the help of Cynthia Gilbert: it’s very fulfilling for us to engage students through art, technology and storytelling, combined in the same project-based course.

Students also seem to be enjoying themselves, based on what they and their parents are telling us. Through this course, they will develop a range of skills, from creative expression to science and engineering (STEAM). And they will learn to create their own interactive art with simple electronics, in a playful way that makes learning more fun.

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