Electrical courses attendees may be needed to handle DIY projects

A home improvement source has suggested a botched DIY project could have a negative effect on a house’s value, which could lead to a greater reliance on professionals who have undertaken training, such as electrical courses. Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, urged people to have a go at tasks around the house, but pointed out that the end result can depend on the “expertise” of the person carrying out the process. This could lead to more homeowners deciding to hire technicians who have completed training – such as electrical courses – instead of trying to finish a project themselves. However, Mr Leech stressed that it is not only up to one person in a relationship to handle such matters, saying: “In this day and age, everybody has to share the problem equally, whether it’s doing the job or designing. Both partners in a relationship have equal responsibility for it.” Research published by Halifax Home Insurance indicates that some people are naturally better suited to DIY tasks, thanks to their spatial awareness. know more about our Electrical Courses,plumbing courses from:Ableskills Able Skills is firmly established as one of the leaders in the delivery of Construction Training and is currently in the position of being able to offer qualifications in every subject we cover, right up to NVQ level 3. We can provide training for anyone looking to learn a construction trade whether they are looking at guidance for DIY purposes or considering a change of career, everything from 2 day courses, 20 week packages and NVQ site assessments plus much, much more. Quality and value for money are priority for every member of Able Skills team; we promote honesty and offer progression and support in everything we do. We are confident in the delivery of our training and encourage everyone to pay us a visit to see firsthand what we do; we feel sure that once you have visited Able Skills, it will be where you choose to train.

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