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 3D boat design software used to be phenomenally expensive. I remember first seeing those rotating wireframe models of the space shuttle on TV science programs. I used to think it was just so cool and ever since I got a computer I have wanted to be able to repeat that sort of imagery. Of course, that sort of ability came when CAD systems became available and computer ram capacity became sufficiently large to handle the huge number of floating point operations (flops) that such manipulation required. But I remember that the first software cost well over ten thousand dollars. It was aimed at professional design companies and big engineering firms. It was completely out of reach for people like me. Even if you did have access to it, there was a manual the thickness of a house brick and a two-week training course to go with it.

Things Are Different Now

Well now, things are completely different. Thanks to the huge development power conferred by the open source model, you can now buy 3d boat design software that is powerful, flexible and easy to use for less than the prices of a take away family meal.

Now, for under $ 50 you can buy surface modeling software that will enable you to design the boat that, upto now has only lived in your imagination.

You Can Use It For Anything

Now. although the software is aimed at the boat design community, because it contains facilities for handling water resistance hydrostatic load calculations, it can, in reality be used for any sort of surface modelling. I recently used mine to model some crockery designs for a pottery friend of mine. Usually he just lets his designs evolve on the potter’s wheel but this time we tried something a little different.

Experimentation Is The key

So, whether you’re going to draw up plans for your first DIY boat project or whether you have something more unusual in mind it’s definitely worth experimenting. Firstly, it’s remarkably cheap. Second, it’s remarkably flexible. Third, you never know what you can do unless you give it a try and, fourth, if it doesn’t do what you want within eight weeks, you can always get your money back.

In my view, it’s always worth experimenting with software, particularly 3d boat design software because, unless you do, you never know what you might achieve.

If you want to experiment with boat design software, then you can’t do better than get yourself a copy of this unique 3d hull design software. At last you can give your imagination free rein and develop your ideas a lot, lot further.

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