Friends Of Hubei Province With 863 Public Projects To Conquer The Public

June 27, 2009, the Seventh National vocational education equipment and materials of modern technology exhibition opened at the Tianjin International Exhibition Center. The exhibition of nearly 200 domestic publishing companies and exhibitors, exhibiting electrical and mechanical, Electronic , NC, refrigeration and other modern vocational education more than 30 technology and equipment and materials.

The exhibition by the Ministry of Vocational Education and Adult Education Department approved by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Education and Adult Education Department, China Institute of Vocational Education, organized by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, China Institute of Vocational Education Vocational and Technical Education Equipment Professional Committee, China Vocational and Technical Education Society Textbook Commission, China Educational Instrument Equipment Corporation contractors, held at the beautiful city of Tianjin, and has achieved great success.

Friends of Science and Technology participated in the public vocational education in the Seventh National Exhibition of modern technology and equipment.

Hubei Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is a public friendly high-tech joint-stock enterprises in Hubei Province, was established in May 8, 1993. Companies located in “China Optics Valley”, Wuhan University, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone and the base is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province, listed back-up enterprises, long-term commitment Communicate Electronic equipment and laboratory equipment for University development, production and sales. The company employees 260 people, bachelor degree or above account for 81%; R & D staff of 80 people, 40% have master’s degrees, MBA 7, formed from the hardware design, Software Programming, circuit design to the overall appearance of mold design and technical strength. Products in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country and sold overseas. Enterprise has entered the fast track of development, annual sales growth rate above 100%.

The company’s founder, chairman and president, Party branch secretary led by Mr. Zhou Yi, the company after more than ten years of development, has formed its own unique corporate culture, always seeking “industry serve the country, and rely on bits and pieces of the hard work and perseverance and hard work have made us world-class equipment vendors, “insisted” nothing in the instrument technology is not involved in other areas for the focus strategy. ” Through continuous hard work and commitment to reform, the public company in the instrument industry, the Friends have made remarkable achievements. Every year since 1997 the company was rated “provincial and municipal contract and trustworthy enterprise”, Wuhan City, “glorious enterprise”, “good faith enterprise”, “Civilized Enterprise”, “Customer Satisfaction Unit”, was listed Hubei Provincial Government reserve for the company to be listed. Since 2002, has been identified as “high-tech enterprises in Wuhan City.” 2004 was named the outstanding private technology enterprises in China, Hubei best growth companies, excellent private enterprises in Hubei Province. Meanwhile, the company’s products ZY801 the 2004 third prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2004, Wuhan Science and Technology Progress Award, GSM / DCS mobile phone integrated Tester Won the Technology Progress Award in Wuhan; in 2005 was elected as TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance member units; in the same year was selected as the “Hubei Province”; 2007, was rated “excellent enterprise in Hubei Science and Technology Incubator graduate companies”, and “Outstanding Private technology enterprises. “

Currently in communication electronics Detector Device aspects of a total of 19 categories of nearly 30 products, has developed a series of independent intellectual property rights with international advanced level instrument products. In the TD-SCDMA, the November 2006 the successful launch of TD-SCDMA terminal test instrument, the TD-SCDMA industrialization process took a big step forward. With electronic devices in the communications field advantage, the company launched a series of communications, electronics, Computer , Electrical, power, automation, sensing and automotive engineering and other related equipment in higher education, including Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Communication and Electronics, computer classes, optoelectronic products in the domestic leading level and some 80% market share, Experimental teaching in higher education overall equipment market in the industry-leading level. Friends

public its unique corporate culture, good corporate image, excellent enterprise strength, first-class product quality and high-quality pre-sale, sale, service, become a professional equipment suppliers.

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