Handle for 3D print nozzle unclogging needle (and hole gauge)

A few nice 3D Printer images I found:

Handle for 3D print nozzle unclogging needle (and hole gauge)
3D Printer
Image by Creative Tools
A 3D printed handle for securing a needle or thin wire while unclogging a jammed printhead nozzle.

The 3D printer: makerbot.creativetools.se
The 3D file: www.thingiverse.com/thing:99969

Tablet Hanging Stand
3D Printer
Image by Michael Kappel
Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Hanging Stand V2

This is an Windows RT Hanging Stand with optional keyboard hooks. The "Windows RT Hanging Stand" was originally designed for a treadmill but could probably be used of a lot of other things including attaching back of car seat for kids to watch movies in the car, or handing on a door.

The optional keyboard I used is an Anker Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard for iPad Mini / iPad / Nexus 7 / Galaxy Tab and other Tablets (Works with Windows RT).

Download and print on your 3D printer.

Photo taken by Michael Kappel

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