Impressive 3D Pencil Paintings

Art is the process or product of arranging elements in the way to affect the senses or emotions, and the meaning of art is explored in aesthetics. Nowadays, 3D technology becomes more and more popular in the art and is widely applied in various aspects of art including paintings. Thanks to 3D pencil paintings and the magic shadow effects of light in three dimensions, such normal things like skulls, dominos, animals, emotions or feelings of human beings are depicted lively and creatively. Let’s have an inside look at the collection of the significant 3D drawings with pencil as follows:


These animals look as if they are alive thanks to the shadow effect of three dimensions in space


A skull looks real thanks to the art of 3D pencil


An insect is supposed to be alive but is actually a 3D painting


Is this person playing domino game???


Is it true or not???


A pencil and a paper can create a 3D lively picture, which is the marvel of art


It looks extremely frightening!


The success of 3D paintings with just a pencil


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