KeyCam Arduino Shield

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KeyCam Arduino Shield
Image by eok.gnah
i can switch the camera on and off, and i can take pictures or movies. all timed by an arduino.

a 2nd version with an attiny45 is planned now.

with an 3.7V LiIo battery and a weatherproof, magnet mountable box it will be a nice cheap time lapse box in urban space.


void setup() {
pinMode(13, INPUT); // pic/movie button
pinMode(12, INPUT); // on/off button

void loop() {
// switch camera on
Serial.println("cam on");
digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
digitalWrite(12, LOW);


// take picture
Serial.println("take picture");
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(13, LOW);
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
pinMode(13, INPUT);

delay(5000); // wait some seconds until picture is saved

// switch camera off
Serial.println("cam off");
digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
digitalWrite(12, LOW);

delay(60000); // wait a minute

#### UPDATE ####
3.7v is too low to switch the cam on and off.
its enough to power the cam and take pictures, but switching it on and off does not work with 3.7v.
so i switched to 4x AAA akkus. thats 4.8v and does the job nicely.
ill check how long i can pictures with them at the momet.

PanTilt Arduino
Image by
pan and tilt with two servos + arduino

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