Latest MakerBot 3D Prints

A few nice 3D Printer images I found:

Latest MakerBot 3D Prints
3D Printer
Image by ッ Zach Hoeken ッ
These are a few of the objects we’ve been printing out lately on our MakerBot prototypes. We’re still homing in on the perfect set of preferences, but things are looking good.

3D Printer Reviews
3D Printer
Image by Danny Choo
Sometimes there are print fails which can be due to various factors. One is forgetting to clean the Resin Tank after a 3D print as there is usually some deposits of cured resin at the bottom.

Another reason could be that the Build Platform was not cleaned properly but am not sure whether this is a factor that contributes to print fails. Its always a good idea to keep an eye on the print process incase there is a fail so that you can cancel the print – or the laser will just keep shooting at the tank creating a blob of nothingness.

The bottom of the Resin Tank has a layer of silicon and care must be taken not to damage it when removing any cured silicon.

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3D Printer
Image by Johann C. Rocholl

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