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Makerspace at Tam High
Maker Projects
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I am working with Geo Monley to develop a public makerspace around his wood shop at Tam High and grow a community through a combination of maker classes and open hours for adults and teens.

With his help, I am also building a ‘maker art cart’ to showcase the work of our students and collaborators. His woodworking workshop, called ‘You Build It’, is a good example of what we could do with maker programs for adults: in this weekly evening session, he gives us tools and guidance to create our own woodworking projects. Today, he gave me good advice on how to add casters to my art cart’s legs.

Geo and I plan to teach a weekly maker course for middle-school students this spring, to build a City of the Future together, combining arts and electronics. We will benefit from his current class with high school students, who are also building an animatronics city called Makerfield.

Learn more about Geo’s technical courses at Tam High:…

Learn more about our City of the Future course:

Tam Makers Meetup
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
We had a blast at the first meetup for Tam Makers, our new makerspace in Mill Valley. We hosted this free event at the wood shop at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley on June 8, 2016.

A diverse group of people came to the visit the shop, learn about our classes and discuss how to grow our maker community. Participants ranged from experienced artists, technologists, makers and woodworkers, to people interested in learning new skills, as well as high school and middle school students and their parents.

We opened the shop at 6pm and folks started to connect right away, checking out some of our demos, showing off recent projects and touring the space. At 7pm, we gave a presentation on Tam Makers, and talked about our first courses, meetups and tools for adults and youth. We then discussed these programs as a group and received some really helpful feedback.

Most people were very interested in participating in Tam Makers and using the makerspace regularly. They also liked the mix of classes, ranging from maker art to technology and woodworking. Some people signed up for classes on the spot and most wanted to join more meetups. Many offered to volunteer as well. One person said this event had a great community feeling, unlike more commercially motivated makerspaces.

We’re really happy that this first meetup went so well and that so many folks want to participate actively. We look forward to collaborating with our new maker friends very soon!

Learn more about Tam Makers:

Learn more about this Welcome Meetup:

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