Making Moves, Creating Futures for Craft – Kingshurst Library, Solihull

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Making Moves, Creating Futures for Craft – Kingshurst Library, Solihull
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Kingshurst Library
Maker: Lina Peterson
Graduate Placement: Viv Wilson

Lina Peterson’s residency was based at Kingshurst
Library in the north of Solihull as part of a project to
increase community involvement in the arts. Lina is a
jeweller who uses a playful approach to materials, colour
and form backed up by research and drawing. She used
her experimental methods with the group to create
dramatic jewellery using leather, wire and felt. Lina was
supported by Viv Wilson, a textile graduate who has
developed a woven piece in response to the landscape
around Kingshurst.

Making Moves, Creating Futures for Craft

Making Moves is a West Midlands craft development initiative
involving four regional partnerships, led by Staffordshire County
Council and Craftspace, a Birmingham based craft development
organisation. The project consisted of nine craft residencies
which took place in community settings between September
2011 and July 2012, culminating in this touring exhibition.

The nine makers were challenged by residencies in unusual
workspaces – including a hospital, a pub and a park visitor
centre – which acted as sources of inspiration to develop ideas
for new work. They worked with local communities, offering
making workshops that were high quality, inspirational and in
some cases, life-changing. This exhibition showcases new work
by the makers in response to their residency setting, as well
examples of tools, materials and work created in the community

The project also provided opportunities for nine crafts graduates
who supported the community making sessions as well as
receiving mentoring from the resident maker. They were given a
small bursary towards the development of their practice and
have also created new work for the exhibition.

Making Moves aimed to provide valuable opportunities for
learning. Makers gave masterclasses and lectures to Higher
and Further education institutions as well as talks to the wider
community. They wrote about the residency experiences on a
project blog, as well as coming together for regular networking

To find out more about the project visit and the
Makers’ Residency Blog

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