Nice 3D Printer photos

Some cool 3D Printer images:

ABS Filament for 3D Printers – 3mm Diameter – Black – 1KG
3D Printer
Image by adafruit
Available at Adafruit!

BMC Labs at TIFF Bell Lightbox
3D Printer
Image by Canadian Film Centre

The first interactive story experience to generate a physical object, Body/Mind/Change, a TIFF and Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) co-production starring David Cronenberg, is now open for adventurers who want to explore the plausible science fiction found in Cronenberg’s films as fact. Follow the master’s lead at to create a next generation bio-tech recommendation engine, called Personal-On-Demand (POD).

Body/Mind/Change provides an opportunity for participants to explore the dark landscape where David Cronenberg’s stories live and experience first-hand the emotional steps involved in merging with technology to transform and evolve oneself.

Visit BMC Labs on the 4th Floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Photo by George Pimentel.

3D Printer
Image by Johann C. Rocholl

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