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Check out these 3D Printer images:

Printed Paper Actuator (2017) / Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University
3D Printer
Image by Ars Electronica
"Printed Paper Actuator" is a new electrical and reversible paper actuator printed by a FDM 3D printer. The actuator is composed of inexpensive materials, such as common paper and off-the-shelf thermoplastic printing filaments. The fabrication process is fast and straightforward, which requires a single layer printing with a desktop FDM printer. Our paper actuator can be easily embedded into everyday objects to enable new types of paper-based shape-changing interfaces that exhibit motion, transformation, and rich interactivities such as pop-up books, toys, origami robots, and lampshades. "Printed Paper Actuator" was awarded with an Honorary Mention at the STARTS Prize 2018.

Fotocredit: Morphing Matter Lab at Carnegie Mellon University

Sneel prototyping
3D Printer
Image by gabriella_levine
custom brackets & servo motor parts on the makerbot 3d printer

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