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Fully assembled 3D printable wrench
3D Printer
Image by Creative Tools
This wrench was 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer and made with PLA plastic. After the 3D-print two built-in support parts were broken away to free the wrench jaw and let it move.

The 3D printer:
The 3D model:

Plastformsprutning med ZPrinter 3D-skrivare
3D Printer
Image by Creative Tools
Dessa bilder visar hur ett plastmynt med vår logotyp skapades med hjälp av en ZPrinter 3D-skrivare från Z Corporation. Först skapades myntet och gjutformen i Rhino 3D. Därefter printade 3D-printern en gjutform i gips som härdades snabbt med CA-lim. Några minuter senare kunde flera mynt i plast formsprutas i den 3D-utskrivna formen!

These images show how a plastic coin with our logo was made with the help of a ZPrinter 3D-printer form Z Corporation. First the model and the mold was made in Rhino 3D. Then we 3D-printed the mold with our ZPrinter 650 and hardened it with CA-glue. Some minutes later we could produce several plastic coins with our desktop injection molding machine.

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