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Some cool 3D Printer images:

Mobile phone stand
3D Printer
Image by Creative Tools
Removing 3D-prints from a 3D printer’s build plate can be a bit tricky – specially if the bottom surface area is large. In this video we show a very easy way to remove such 3D prints from the build plate without damaging the model or the build plate.

This example shows a 3D printed model of a table stand for the Sony Xperia Z1 mobile phone. The design was made by Thingiverse user magnum. (see link below).

The 3D print was made with MakerBot translucent blue PLA plastic on a Replicator 2 3D-printer.

We chose to 3D print directly on top of the acrylic detachable build plate, instead of covering it with blue painter’s tape. The PLA plastic stick well to the build plate which make the final resulting print look really flat and nice.

To remove the 3D print use a strait-bladed painter’s palette knife. The blade should be thin (aprox. 0.4 mm), be flexible and have a sharp edge on its tip. (BEE CAREFUL NOT TO HURT YOURSELF). Always aim the tip of the knife away from your fingers and body.

Start by placing the tip of the blade just where the 3D printed model meets the build plate. Hold it at slight downwards angle.

Use a rubber hammer or any firm solid object and hit the palette knife so that the tip wedges itself between the model and the build plate. Then orient the palette blade down so that it becomes horizontal with the build plate.

Continue to hit the knife until you enter a significant part of the models bottom surface. Then rotate and turn the blade so that it wedges itself deeper and sideways under the model.

You will clearly hear a cracking sound while the model releases from the acrylic surface. After you reach a certain threshold the model will release completely from the build plate.

One should never need to hit the knife too hard. If the model is very big, take things slowly and insert the knife from different sides of the model.

The 3D printer:
The 3D model:

3D Printer
Image by kwixson

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