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Some cool Maker Projects images:

Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Stakeholder Meeting, Makueni – Kenya
Maker Projects
Image by CGIAR Climate
Hlamalani Ngwenya from South Africa facilitates the meeting.

On 3rd February 2015, Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) scientists visited Wote, Makueni County in Kenya. They held discussions with county policy makers on adaptation packages for the region. Learn more about AgMIP. Photos: V. Atakos (CCAFS).

Annual Creative Tech Festival [2015]-109355
Maker Projects
Image by infomatique
150 young people gathered in the CHQ Building in Dublin today to celebrate their creation and invention with technology over the past year.

These young people are participants in the national TechSpace movement.

TechSpace is an afterschool programme that inspires young people to become digital creators, inventors and makers through free access to hardware, software, trained educators and creative mentors.

“TechSpace works beautifully,” says Jen Hesnan, a TechSpace Educator based in Galway and working with young people on the autistic spectrum, “It channels young people’s point of interest into something they can socially engage in and exhibit to others. Whether it’s sport, dance, history or anything else that the they are interested in, creative facilitation techniques ensure that any young person who comes in the door can find a purpose and have fun with their peers”.

The program teaches the fundamentals of the digital world, while developing skills in problem solving, creativity, communications and teamwork.

Typical activities in the areas of creative media and STEAM include animation and video production, mobile app development, music production, digital photography, web design, programming, electronics and circuitry.

Over 150 young people, who take part in the TechSpace after school program, showcased the work they have completed over the past year. This work is in the area of creative technology (video and photography projects) and ‘maker’ technology (electronics, programming, tech DIY).

The attendees took part in workshops, received advice from inspirational speakers, and were inspired for the year ahead.

CEO of Camra Education, John Fitzsimons the organisation that delivers TechSpace nationally said, “It is fantastic to see the educational outcomes being achieved by these young people, as they develop new skills in key areas for their future success”.

Building a Maker Art Cart
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
I am building a ‘maker art cart’ to display the work of our students and creative collaborators. This cart will first be used to showcase the City of the Future we will be creating with lower and middle-school students this spring, during our weekly maker art classes. I made the 3D models in this set with Sketchup, to visualize this cart in detail before starting construction.

I am working with my co-instructor Geo Monley on this project, in his wonderful is woodworking workshop at Tam High School in Mill Valley. Today, he gave me a big hand to build the shelves that will support the wonderboxes and city landscape. He also showed me an animatronics city called Makerfield, which his high school students are now building.

Geo and I plan to develop a public makerspace around his wood shop at Tam High and grow a community through a combination of maker classes and open hours for adults and teens. More on this later.

Learn more about our City of the Future course:

Learn more about Geo’s technical courses at Tam High:…

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