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Happy Birthday Natalina!
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Image by fabola
Our new friend Natalina just turned 13 — and we celebrated that rite of passage with her in our garden on a beautiful indian summer morning.

Natalina is the newest and most junior member of ‘Pataphysical Studios, our art collective. We call her Dr. Canard, because she has created hundreds of decorated decoy ducks and donated over ,000 from the proceeds to charity. With her help, we have built the ‘Pataphysical Slot Machine, which is on exhibit at the Mill Valley Library all through October 2015.

To honor our favorite teenage art maker, Phyllis made her an amazing greeting card that shows Natalina flying on the wings of a duck over the headlands of Marin County. And I gave her a copy of the I Ching, the Book of Changes, an ancient chinese divination text which we have been consulting for decades for guidance on important life decisions. We wished Natalina the courage to embrace change with serenity — hoping this book will help her find her path, as it has for us.

Follow your bliss, Natalina!

If you’re in the Bay Area this month, come see the slot machine! Our poetic oracle awaits you every weekend, to share words of wisdom about your life and future. The exhibit is open from 1 to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday in October 2015 in the downstairs conference room of the Mill Valley Library. Pataphysical Studio members will be on hand to demo the Slot Machine and share what they have learned while building this interactive art project.

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