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Some cool Maker Projects images:

Pata Dada Time
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
This week, our art collective met to discuss our exhibit on the Pataphysics of Dada, to be held November 3 to 12 at the Canessa Gallery in San Francisco. We then worked on a few other maker art projects before calling it a day.

Vive la ‘patpahysique!

View more ‘Pataphysical photos:

Learn more about our Dada exhibit:

NYC0807 01 MOMO Pasteup
Maker Projects
Image by watz
Pasteups from MOMO’s "MOMO Maker" project. Union Ave, Williamsburg.

Maker Projects
Image by Thomas Forsyth
Graphic designer / illustrator Owen Gildersleeve and product designer / maker Thomas Forsyth have joined forces to create two hand-carved skateboard decks. The boards have been created using traditional wood-carving techniques and 100% Eco Friendly decks from British skateboard manufacturer ‘Faltown Skateboards’.

The two boards will be exhibited in the Stolenspace Gallery, London from 25th – 30th August 2009, alongside many other talented artists and illustrators work for ‘The Decked Project’.

More information can be found their websites:

Also check out the tests and experiments section on Thomas’s Flickr:

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