Nice Maker Projects photos

A few nice Maker Projects images I found:

Maker Art at Tam High
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
We are developing a public makerspace in Tam High School’s state-of-the-art woodshop, to create cool objects — and grow a community of makers, students and teachers in South Marin.

Here are some of the artworks we are creating in Geo Monley’s woodworking workshop, called ‘You Can Build It’. With his help, I am building a ‘maker art cart’ to showcase the work of our students — and Howard Rheingold is making a triangular table for our Pataphysical Studios.

This week, I used the laser cutter to make characters for our City of the Future course. In this ‘maker art’ class, lower and middle school students will build a futuristic home with a cardboard ‘wonderbox’ and animated characters such as these. They will bring these wood and acrylic figures to life with lights, sounds and motion, using simple electronics.

Geo showed off ‘Maker Field’, the animatronic city his high school students are building with his help. Here’s their work in progress, which now features a variety of buildings (including ‘Trump Towers’ and a 5V power plant), as well as a robot car powered with Arduino.

These projects are good examples of what we could support with more maker programs for adults and teens in this new Tam High makerspace. More on this later.

View more photos of our Tam High makerspace:

Learn more about our City of the Future course:

Learn more about our Maker Art courses:

Learn more about Geo’s technical courses at Tam High:…

The Birth of a Hacker Culture
Maker Projects
Image by TEDxSanAntonio
Joshua Singer and Abhinav Suri

The Birth of a Hacker Culture
When you think of a hacker, what do you think of? A man who breaks into your bank accounts? Someone who steals important documents? To programmers, though, it’s actually a compliment. The new definition of hacker is “a clever programmer.” And within San Antonio and the United States, there are too few of these clever hackers. How do we increase this number? By building a culture of hacking. Through hackathons, maker-fairs and side projects, we can build a culture of hacking that leads to innovation. In this talk, you’ll learn of the various efforts that are underway, as well as how you can be a part of the culture and become a hacker too!

Young Projects’ Match-Maker
Maker Projects
Image by Inhabitat
Times Square Alliance and Val Alen Institute present Young Projects’ Match-Maker in Times Square, an interactive sculpture for Valentine’s Day

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