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Pataphysical Art
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Spring is back at Pataphysical Studios, where we spent another lovely Saturday afternoon, making art together and exploring new dimensions across space and time.

This week, we developed our Time Machine and started work on our new Dada exhibit:
• Dr. Rindbrain showed a new mockup for the Time Machine viewing frame
• Dr. Max and his family came to experience the magic of the art garden
• Dr. Canard posed by the pataphysical flag and sanded her music box
• Dr. Phylora picked up her new pataphysical badge and caught up with the group
• Dr. Truly brought blank canvases and art ideas for the new Dada exhibit she is producing
• Dr. Tout d’Suite picked the Alfred Jarry canvas as her art project for the Dada exhibit
• Dr. Fabio picked the Gidouille canvas and worked on the Crazy Clock prototype
• Dr. Canard picked the Eye/Hand canvas as her art project for the Dada exhibit
• Dr. Figurine picked the Apostrophe canvas and worked on her theramine
• Dr. Skidz picked the Ubu canvas and pitched a duck phone for the Dada exhibit
• The Queen of the Desert shared her research on Dada and time travel
• Drs. Rindbrain, Really and Igor installed the back wall for the Time Machine
• Dr. Fabio showed Dr. Canard how to shoot a video interview with Dr. Rindbrain
• Drs. Zboon, Fabio and Figurine discussed a puppet show for the Dada Exhibit

Making art with friends brings new light into our lives and brightens the world around us.

Fire in the hole!

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Make Holiday Store
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
A visit to Maker Media’s pop-up store at 345 Sutter Street, in San Francisco’s iconic Union Square. For the holidays, they offer a well-curated selection of maker products: from drones to robots, 3d printing and do-it-yourself kits. You can gets hands-on experience for some of these products, and they also give free workshops. I was there to meet Dale Dougherty, founder and chairman of Maker Media, to get his advice on our art maker programs, such as the Pataphysical Slot Machine exhibit and the Create Your Own Wonderbox workshops. He was very generous with his time and gave me some really helpful guidance for how to grow this project next year. Maker Media is the publisher of Make: magazine, the producer of the popular Maker Faires — and a driving force for the Maker movement.

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