Nice Maker Projects photos

A few nice Maker Projects images I found:

five-a-day catchup!
Maker Projects
Image by the queen of subtle
(re: the five-a-day decluttering challenge)

we were out of town last weekend, so i had some catching up to do. matt picked out 10 dvds to sell or list on swaptree, and i went through my storage in the basement. coming up with this much stuff was WAY too easy.

as with all our 5-a-day stuff, if any of you locals want anything for free, lemme know and it’s yours.
this’ll all be garage-saled, and donated if it doesn’t sell. we have an amazing collection of stuff built up already.

Roman Mortarium
Maker Projects
Image by Wessex Archaeology
A mortarium was a mixing bowl. This one comes from the Verulamium (St Alban’s) region and was found during excavation work at Newport Pagnell. It was made during the later 1st or early 2nd century. Unfortunately, although the stamp on the rim is FECIT – (i.e. ‘made by’) it doesn’t give us the maker’s name.

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