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Some cool Maker Projects images:

MAKE & CRAFT Halloween entry
Maker Projects
Image by MAKE Magazine
Love the Blog. This year my buddy and I are going as Burger King and Jack in the Box. The Burger King mask is made out of a fiberglass mold with the orignal sculpt done by hand in clay. We created them for a cop show parody we did in early 2005 called Excessive Force. Here is the video featuring them:…

Here are some photos you can post as well. Jack and BK were both airbrushed for the colors and Jack was made out of fiberglass using one of those giant bouncing balls as the mold.

David Neff

Enter the MAKE & CRAFT Contests!
Makers and Crafters, it’s time to enter our ghoulishly fun Halloween contests! Anyone, anywhere can enter, and depending on what type of maker or crafter you are, you can enter all or just some of the contests. Hack-o-Lantern, costumes, Halloween gadgets, haunted houses and our special "Trick-or-Treat" contests are all happening, right now! – Click here to enter the contest or learn more!

Halloween projects @ MAKE
From homemade robot costumes, to high tech haunted houses and electronic Cylon robot pumpkins, the MAKE Halloween projects section has hundreds of do-it-yourself projects and plans for everything Halloween – Click here to visit!

City of the Future: Fourth Class at Tam High
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Our middle-school students at Tam High are building a City of the Future together, using arts and electronics to make a model of what our world may be like in 100 years.

In our fourth class, students decorated their characters and wonderboxes, adding more color, light and motion to their homes of the future. We formed four teams to create these public spaces for their city: underwater mines, segregated neighborhoods, surface rubbles and tall skyscrapers. Students started designing these spaces together, preparing materials for next week’s construction. We also discussed names for their city of the future, with these finalists: A15, Moscow and Springfield (we will vote next week).

In their post-apocalyptic city of the future, the rich are separated from the poor, who mine the sea floor and are oppressed by a government run by machines. We are inviting them to invent solutions to that city’s problems — and to dream up a better world.

Geo Monley and I are teaching this after-school class together, with the help of Cynthia Gilbert: it’s very fulfilling for us to engage students through art, technology and storytelling, combined in the same project-based course.

Students also seem to be enjoying themselves, based on what they and their parents are telling us. Through this course, they will develop a range of skills, from creative expression to science and engineering (STEAM). And they will learn to create their own interactive art with simple electronics, in a playful way that makes learning more fun.

Learn more about our City of the Future course:

Preview our City of the Future in these class slides:

View more photos of our Maker Art course at Tam High:

Learn more about our Maker Art courses:

Learn more about Tam Makers:

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