Outer side

Some cool 3D Printer images:

Outer side
3D Printer
Image by Wiley Brooks-Joiner
Pictures of prototype cold end extruder for 3D printer: An experimental two-high spring dampened reversing roller cold end for a Bowden cable system. Uses modified Tetrix spur gears and axle hardware. Filament enters and exits on a 30 degree angle to assist in better hose curvature. Uses spring dampening system to allow deviations in the 3mm plastic filament diameter with an adjustable bottom out feature for decreased potential slippage. No bearings or moving plastic componentry.

記者展示 Mao 用 Arduino 做的電子寵物 Gamma 羊
3D Printer
Image by COSCUP

Martin Luther King Jr. Lithopane
3D Printer
Image by Kiet Callies
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