Pataphysical New Year’s Eve

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Pataphysical New Year’s Eve
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Image by fabola
Our ‘Pataphysical New Year started at 4:20 on a cold Saturday afternoon, and we greeted it with a heartwarming tea party.

Dr. Rindbrain served hot tea, Drs. Truly and Really served absinthe, along with a sumptuous feast in the art garden. Dr. Fabio showed off a ‘year in review’ slideshow, prepared with Dr. Canard, featuring some of our favorite ‘pataphysical pictures of 2016. We projected the images of our recent past against the back wall of the time machine we’re building for the near future. It felt both eerie and familiar, as we all reflected on our past and future at the same time.

Look forward to making more art together in 2017: vive la ‘pataphysique!

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Sky Pirates of Valendor
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Image by bjepson
Sky Pirates of Valendor:

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