Raspberry Pi

Check out these Arduino images:

Raspberry Pi
Image by 紅色死神

LoL shield beta library
Image by jaypee4227

Image by rootoftwo
An installation by Karl Daubmann (PLY Architecture), John Marshall (rootoftwo) and Werner Dahm (Chief Scientist, US Airforce) for Arts On Earth. Opening Night was Wednesday, November 5, 2008 (Guy Fawkes Night) at the Duderstadt Center on University of Michigan’s North Campus. We began by asking how to design fire, rethinking or repositioning its characteristics and attempting to use its broad range without ever having to strike a match. ‘Fire’ is a cluster of 22 digitally-fabricated, augmented objects that together form a complex system capable of responding to people, digital information, and the physical environment in which it is situated. The units that make up ‘Fire’ are produced using associative geometrical modeling and parametric design and are lasercut from aluminum. There are 22 aluminum ‘cones’, 24 Arduinos, 660 superbright LEDs, 17 passive infrared sensors and a whole load of wiring.

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