San Jose and Jacksonville Residents Look to Undertake Home Renovation Projects

Americans who live in sunny communities like San Jose, California and Jacksonville, Florida are fortunate to live in such beautiful places. That’s why they should make the effort to ensure that their homes are just as beautiful as those of their neighbors. Fortunately, since those cities are so warm, residents can engage in home renovation projects year round without having to worry about nasty weather. Whether it’s winter or summer in your town, here are a few ways you can make your home more attractive and raise the value of your property.


5. Make your home better insulated without having to rip out walls by simply starting a window replacement project. These days, window manufacturers are creating affordable windows that are much more energy efficient than the older windows you likely have in your house. That means that if you put new windows in your house, they’ll do a better job of both keeping warm air in your house during the winter and cool air in your house during the summer. So if you turn your air conditioner or heater on, all of the energy you’re using to change the temperature of the air isn’t being wasted as it escapes your house. You’ll be able to live more comfortably and to control the temperature of your home once you’ve installed energy efficient windows, and you may even qualify for some large tax credits thanks to the Obama administration and the stimulus package.


4. Install a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your house. If you’re relying on window or box fans and space heaters to keep your house comfortable, now is the time to replace them with a quality HVAC system. Electronics that were designed to change the temperature of limited spaces in your home are not efficient ways to regulate the temperature. It’s really time to replace those outdated and ineffective electronics with a central system that can better help you live comfortably, and your new system will be a great addition to the new windows you put in as well.


3. Plant a garden with vegetables and flowers outside of your house. It will be easy to look out of your new windows onto your garden, which will make your house feel more homey. By planting vegetables, you can help appeal to people who are into the “local food” craze and do your part to help the environment.


2. Think about remodeling your kitchen to better suit your needs. Since people spend so much time in their kitchens, and you’ll need to spend even more time there to take advantage of the new vegetables you have, it’s important to make sure you feel comfortable there. If your kitchen is too small you can expand it, if your appliances are outdated you can replace them, If your cabinets have mold you should replace them.


1. Make sure your sidewalk isn’t torn up. If you have a concrete sidewalk that is cracked and uneven, think about tearing it out and replacing it with natural stones.

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