Show and Tell at Tam Makers

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Show and Tell at Tam Makers
Maker Projects
Image by fabola
Come make your own art, tech or woodworking project at Tam Makers!

Every week, we host a ‘Maker Club’, an open workshop for adults and teens in our makerspace at Tam High School. Club members like to ‘show and tell’ their latest projects, and bring their own materials to build new projects, with guidance from our staff and other community members.

Many of our members are experienced makers, who are happy to share what they know. Some of the cool maker projects we have built in our makerspace include a graceful robot spider, an eagle god with creepy eyes, an Arduino-powered garage opener, a Wifi server on a chip, and more.

If you are interested in creating your own maker project with the help of others, join our Maker Clubs!

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Leïla Alice Smith
Maker Projects
Image by The Glasgow School of Art
‘The Makers Flesh’ (Installation Title) 2017

This installation is an accumulation of works that developed during my research project, and were part of my phenomenological research methods. The research explored Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s ontology of the ‘flesh’ as experienced by makers and artists; through the process of making with specific materials. As a material and process based artist the separate pieces amalgamate in the installation which was inspired by the outcomes of material processes and the research. Working with unfamiliar and familiar materials and technical processes assisted the exploration of how differing materials could communicate to inspire their form and the maker in the process of making, and how this creates an affective relationship between maker and material, self and world.

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