Some common problems with cause the IT projects to fail

The word IT means information technology and the world is full of miracles made possible by information technology. Different IT projects come up on the scene daily, some get popular and others fail. Generally people do not give a lot of credit to the success of an IT project as it is assumed that IT projects have the best technology involved due to which chances of errors and mistakes are few. But the failure of an IT project is a big question and brings out lots of issues. Mostly people think that the IT projects fail due to the complexity and intangibility of the software. But this is not true in each case. Major IT projects have failed due to the following problems:

Human resource management IT projects need the best technical workers at all level. To find the right person for the right job is the most important thing for the success of any IT project. An IT project needs skilled workers at all levels. Suppose an IT project needs a business analyst, data base analyst, developer, project manager, IT professional etc. if any one of them is inefficient and does not contribute to the success of the project the project is likely to fail. Most IT projects do not perform resource management processes hence they fail. Inefficient Project management Project managers are an important part the projects nowadays. However, other organizations have also started practicing project management but the origin of project management is related to IT projects and still project management is being practiced in most of the IT firms. One of the basic reasons for the failure of IT projects is poorly managed project. Project managers are the one responsible for handling the entire project. They are the one to make critical decisions and provide accurate information. If the project managers do not perform their role properly then the IT projects fail. Poor decisions by the Executives The executives are the one to make the important decisions regarding the organization. They should keep themselves updated about all the ongoing activities in the organization. Moreover, they should also know the special traits and job descriptions of each of the employee. Most executives do not know about the problems prevailing in the organization. They lack the decision making ability. Whenever a certain situation comes up they come under stress and make poor decisions which bring the whole organization under stress.

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