Workshop Arduino : “Magical Computing“

A few nice Arduino images I found:

Workshop Arduino : “Magical Computing“
Image by Marc Wathieu
Le workshop Arduino “Magical Computing“ de Maxime Renglet et de Martin Campillo s’est déroulé du 14 au 16 novembre 2017 dans le contexte du cours ‘Arts numériques – Atelier’ à l’Erg (École de Recherche Graphique, Bruxelles).
Détails et infos : voir ici.

Also Smashed
Image by Jerry Bowley
Using the Arduino-powered laser trigger to capture some Hammer Mayhem.

Testing servo to ring bell
Image by lilspikey
It’s not a very good bell and it’s made of lego, but just trying out the idea. Basically just checking that a servo controlled via an Arduino is a possible solution.

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