The lost arts are coming back stronger then ever.

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Course Structure

Art for the 21st Century

      I.  What is Art?

What is the Creative Process?
Conceptualizing A Work of Art

Where is Art Headed?

     II. Drawing and Painting

Drawing – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used.  Forms of Drawing and Exercises for Learning Drawing
Painting  – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used, Forms of Painting (i.e. Water, Wax, Oils, Ink)
Painting Exercises – Exercises for Learning Painting
Digital Art  – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used, Forms of Digital Art (i.e. Vector Graphics)
Digital Color Schemes – Important Considerations for Digital Color Schemes
Digital Art Exercises – Exercises for Learning Making Digital Art
Sculpture I – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used

  III.  Sewing, Jewelry, and Crafting

            Introduction to Sewing mechanics, tools and material types
            Introduction to Jewelry making using various material: chains, beads, twine, 3d Printed charms and more
            Introduction to Crafting 

IV.  Sculpture, Prototyping, and Publishing



All classes are available to all members. Includes approximately 30 minutes of instruction and 1.5 hours of hands on creating.  

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